The Multiverse: a Podcast about Tribalism in America

S3E1 Part I: To Vax or Not to Vax?

November 13, 2019

This week you'll meet Paula Norcott and Nina Emlen, our expert guest hosts this season! Both are perinatal professionals, doulas, entrepreneurs and mothers living and working with new moms in Maine. 

The first topic they'll tackle is perhaps the most contentious - and potentially the most dangerous - health issue facing today's new parents, and really, public health at large: vaccine hesitancy and refusal. They interview sociologist and author Jennifer Reich, who researches how and why families choose to vaccinate their children or not. Discover what the data says about vaccine safety, how the history of vaccines is actually wound up in a social justice movement, and how families are navigating issues of individual health versus civic duty.


Guests: Jennifer Reich


Links: Calling the Shots



Hosted by: Caitlin Scholl and Katie Wilson

Sound Design & Editing by: Caitlin Scholl

Mixing & Mastering by: Chris Burns

Opening music: “America” by Bill Callahan

Closing music: “Mama” by Caitlin Scholl


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